Presbytery of San Francisco gifted $5000

The Presbytery of San Francisco gave each congregation $5000 to share with people and organizations in need. Throughout September, we invited you all to share your ideas of where in the community you felt this money could make a positive input. Most of the input fell into two categories: families who are homeless and undocumented immigrants. There was an overarching theme of using the money to address housing challenges.

Session heard your input and have decided to send $2500 to Hamilton Families. St. John’s is already in partnership with them. The $2500 will go towards a specific fund called the Housing Solutions Program. They work with families who are experiencing homelessness by assessing their needs, developing a plan to increase their income, and working with landlords who are willing to partner with us. They help families move into housing by paying for first and last months rent, providing an allowance to purchase furniture, and paying a portion of their rent for 12-18 months. In addition, their housing retention specialists work with the families as they transition into housing to ensure they become stable in their new home. You can find more info here:

$2500 will also go to im4humanintegrity who servants refugees and undocumented immigrants in the Bay Area. The Sanctuary Huddle has been working closely with this organization. The money will go to a designated fund called the “Emergency Migrant Housing Fund,” which is used to provide emergency subsidies to ensure that newly arrived and vulnerable immigrants to the Bay Area have a safe place to stay. This is especially used for women and families. Because emergencies arise at a moments notice, having these kinds of funds is vital in assisting families at a vulnerable time.


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